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Essential functions include:
  Our programmers are responsible for initiating and deploying new programs and applications throughout the district that meet our municipal government needs. Some engineers customize
  programs that are specific to company needs, such as automated application for human resources, running code of a new service installation, creating a cellular utility payment, automated
  inventory tracking,database maintenance and correlation, Geosystems aerial applications, productivity and behavioral analysis platform, and much more.

  Our Compensation and benefits specialist oversees and administer the employees' perfect rewards and smart benefits. They assess personnel needs and draft targeted programs that will
  increase performance, organizational trust and satisfaction.The goal is to attract, retain and motivate high quality employees while reducing turnover and enhancing our company’s profile
  as the best place to work.

  Human Resources (HR) Generalist at Lower Valley Water District implements a variety of human resource programs, such as staffing, compensation and benefits, training, and development.
  Their goal is to ensure the HR department’s operations will be running smoothly and effectively to deliver maximum value to the organization as a whole.

  Administer compensation and benefit plans, as well as,assist in talent acquisition and recruitment processes.Conduct employee onboarding and help plan training & development and provide
  support to employees in various HR related topics such as leaves,compensation etc. and resolve issues and problems.Promote HR programs to create an efficient and conflict-free workplace.
  Assist in development and implementation of human resource policies, and undertake tasks in performance management.Gather and analyze data with useful HR metrics, in addition to
  maintaining employee files and records in electronic and paper form.