Department of Information and Technology Support

Custom Business Solutions
Our programmers are responsible for initiating and deploying new programs and applications throughout the district that meet our municipal government needs. Our engineers customize programs that are specific to LVWD needs, such as automated application for human resources, running code of a new service installation, creating a mobile app. utility payment, automated inventory tracking, database maintenance and correlation, Geosystems aerial applications, productivity and behavioral analysis platform, and much more.

Dynamic Cloud Solution
Initiate and launch a high tech online platform that provides an exceptional user interactive interface in a dynamic environment. Our Developers design the layout of the site, that becomes LVWD proprietary, write customized codes and syntaxes to meet the district's increasing needs. It’s publishing platform that provides all information that the our customers and the public may need.

Automated service agents
We provide automated and in person technical support to the end users at LVWD. This requires deploying robot service agents for remote maintenance and support. Our services includes computer installation and repair, mobile utilization, cloud and systems services, inventory tracking and alerting, installing software and repairing hardware problems, setting up and installing new equipment, and troubleshooting problems that may arise from any terminal. Every successful business maintains a help desk in-house to assist employees with technology-related issues and help them to be in their highest productivity stage.

Technology Architecture and Engineering
While building a new reliable frequency SCADA structure, we are rebuilding a whole new network infrastructure that will support our growing needs and automate our water equipment monitoring process. Our main duty is to maintain an available and reliable technology backbone that will provide the reliability of prompt communications and operations. While building our servers in-house and installing new communication mediums, our priority is to provide a fully capable network for our business to continue running smoothly without any service disruption. We are working in full capacity to ensure that our systems are operating properly and that all employees have what they need to produce to their full potential.

Expert Decision Systems
LVWD Technology Engineers are working around the clock to maintain our IT foundation to the highest capacity, safeguard our resources in-house and on the cloud, deploy the necessary countermeasures to overcome vulnerabilities. They continuously develop codes that standoff against session high-jacking, Buffer overflows, Cross-site scripting, Query string manipulation and SQL injections, while monitoring the operations of the other DITS divisions ensuring devotion, sincerity and precision, as well as, creating and deploying cyber security robot agents using expert systems, and much more.

Aerial Coordinates Identifier Systems
Personnel in this unique entity are responsible for supporting our civil engineers in building the district's smart Geo-Architecture aerial maps while our developers are working on creating our own Geosystems aerial mapping application software to provide accurate coordinates and effective monitoring of our water equipment in the field in a timely manner. Our engineers are building supercomputing machines that will enhance the productivity by 2,200.00%, and will help the civil engineers process mappings in a timely manner.

Logic Transformation
Our records management professionals understand the complexities of our utility entity faces and ensure that our document management practices are organized in order to access and manage the information needed to be successful. We build our in-house software that competed the highest software in the market in effeciency, user friendly interface and speed. They apply our expertise to the development of both paper and electronic document management solutions for all operations. They just launched our first intelligent platform that allow us to convert scanned images to an editable text, which saves LVWD employees hundreds of hours in data entry and keying information. It’s about improving productivity for the whole district at once.


Ryan Rodriguez

Lower Valley Water District
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Hatem Merhi

Mr. Merhi received Bachelor degree in Information Systems-Software Engineering, and Master degree in Information Technology. Academically, He is Programmer, Mathematician, and Economist.

He is Licensed and Certified Fraud Examiner and Computer Forensics. Industrially certified in Computer Networks, Communications and Hardware.

Mr. Merhi was a professional swimmer and soccer player, He coached high school Soccer in Texas. On the other hand he taught mathematics and computer science at the collage level.

He is involved in community service through Lions Club, providing children a better life and better vision. Previously; Mr. Merhi spend his life in advanced technical positions in the diplomatic field for the United Nations and European Union, then settled as County Treasurer-Interim in the wild west of Texas.

Mr. Merhi comes from a family of farmers and engineers. His grandfathers raised almond and olive in Genoa and Acca River. His mom was schoolteacher and his dad was a civil engineer.
Mr. Merhi is married to a beautiful Texan lady, he said, and his children continue to make him proud.