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Department of Information and Technology Support


Our programmers are responsible for initiating and deploying new programs and applications throughout the district that meet our municipal government needs. Our engineers customize programs that are specific to LVWD needs, such as automated application for human resources, running code of a new service installation, creating a mobile app. utility payment, automated inventory tracking, database maintenance and correlation, Geosystems aerial applications, productivity and behavioral analysis platform, and much more.


Initiate and launch a high tech online platform that provides an exceptional user interactive interface in a dynamic environment. Our Developers design the layout of the site, that becomes LVWD proprietary, write customized codes and syntaxes to meet the district's increasing needs. It’s publishing platform that provides all information that the our customers and the public may need.


We provide automated and in person technical support to the end users at LVWD. This requires deploying robot service agents for remote maintenance and support. Our services includes computer installation and repair, mobile utilization, cloud and systems services, inventory tracking and alerting, installing software and repairing hardware problems, setting up and installing new equipment, and troubleshooting problems that may arise from any terminal. Every successful business maintains a help desk in-house to assist employees with technology-related issues and help them to be in their highest productivity stage.


Personnel in this unique entity are responsible for supporting our civil engineers in building the district's smart Geo-Architecture aerial maps while our developers are working on creating our own Geosystems aerial mapping application software to provide accurate coordinates and effective monitoring of our water equipment in the field in a timely manner. Our engineers are building supercomputing machines that will enhance the productivity by 2,200.00%, and will help the civil engineers process mappings in a timely manner.

Ryan Rodriguez

Lower Valley Water District
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