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Department of Information and Technology Support


Our programmers are responsible for initiating and deploying new programs and applications throughout the district that meet our municipal government needs. Our engineers customize programs that are specific to LVWD needs, such as automated application for human resources, running code of a new service installation, creating a mobile app. utility payment, automated inventory tracking, database maintenance and correlation, Geosystems aerial applications, productivity and behavioral analysis platform, and much more.


Initiate and launch a high tech online platform that provides an exceptional user interactive interface in a dynamic environment. Our Developers design the layout of the site, that becomes LVWD proprietary, write customized codes and syntaxes to meet the district's increasing needs. It’s publishing platform that provides all information that the our customers and the public may need.


The Help Desk team provides Technical and customer support to all LVWD employees and customers. The Help Desk department supports all IT Infrastructure throughout the District. Support includes computer installation and repair, mobile utilization, cloud and client hosted services, inventory tracking and alerting, installing, and configuring software. Repairing hardware and troubleshooting all technical problems.


The Geographic Information Systems Department supports the district by creating maps and applications. The GIS Department has developed Mobile Applications to be used in the field for collecting data. The Mobile applications give our inspectors and field workers the tools they need to locate all LVWD infrastructure. In collaboration with the University of Texas at El Paso, Dr. Aldouri, and the Civil Engineering students are standardizing all digital assets for accurate representation of LVWD data. With accurate data the GIS department can help reduce waster loss with geo data analytics.

Ryan Rodriguez

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